Pricing - Tattoo and Piercing

Tattoo Pricing

    $100.00 Booking deposit

    $100.00 Minimum charge

    $180.00 per hour

    Combination eyebrows $300 ($500 regular)

  • *The tattoo artist reserves the right to charge by tattoo or by the hour. Consultation required.

Piercing Pricing

    $20.00 Standard Rate*

  • Earlobes (per earlobe)
  • $40.00 Standard Rate*

  • Conch (Ear), Daith (Ear), Ear Cartilage, Eyebrow, Monroe (Lip), Navel, Nipple (cost per Nipple), ​Nostril, ​Philtrum (Lip)​, Rook (Ear), Septum, Tongue, Tragus (Ear)
  • $50.00 Standard Rate*

  • Industrial (Ear)
  • * Not including the cost of Jewlery


  • We carry fine body jewelry from some of the best companies in the business. Come by our shop to see our rotating selection and pick your favorite.
  • You can see examples of some of the jewlery we have used in the past in our peircer portfolios: Ryan | Cherish
  • We can also do custom orders you want from the following:

Tattoo and Piercing Portfolios